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Sundeck Platform – Large

$35.80 (inc GST)

A handy, easy to use ‘Sundeck’ Platform for your bird to relax on. The arms hook onto the horizontal bars of the cage and the platform sits flat below it. These are versatile items that suit most cage designs. Pop this platform high up in your birds cage as a nice roosting spot or at another level, with foot toys as a play area for your parrot. It can also be handy to place this near to a bolt-on foraging toy to provide access to that level of the cage. Popular with all birds, these are great for handicapped parrots, with mobility or stability issues too.

This is the large platform, which measures 32cm wide and 21cm deep. The arms are 14cm tall (the platform will sit 14cm below the horizontal bars that it hooks onto).  They come with plain, black powder coated bars which you can safely use ‘as is’ or cover yourself with native bark or similar. The Small Sundeck is also available in the store, as is the sturdy bolt on Corner Shelf Platform.

Most people choose for me to attach a piece of woven seagrass mat onto the platform for a chewable, safe & comfy perching spot for their bird. Replacement mats can be purchased separately for when the mat becomes soiled or chewed. If you choose to ‘DIY’ with mats from elsewhere, be sure to wash and thoroughly dry the mats first. I wash these mats in bird safe, veterinary disinfectant (F10) before use.

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6 reviews for Sundeck Platform – Large

  1. 5 out of 5

    Rebekah (verified owner)

    I bought this for my little disabled purple crowned lorikeet, so that he can get up high in his aviary (he has sea grass hammocks below so that if he falls so they will catch him) He would climb up to the top corner and hold on very awkwardly, just so that he could watch everything going on, now he can sit up the top and watch everything go on around him, in comfort. 😛

  2. 5 out of 5

    Kaz Adams (verified owner)

    My alex has always slept in an awkwardly constructed hammock which was a problem for his tail. The sundeck platform is perfect. The holes in the sea grass mat fit perfectly over the arms before hooking it onto the cage. He is up there all night and can turn around easily. The large is perfect for an alex.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Elle (verified owner)

    I have two of these sundecks in my cockatiels’ cage and plan on ordering a few more to add both inside and out. These are fantastic for creating additional play areas and really allow you to fully utilise the vertical space in the cage (as you can then place a toy and perch below them, without fear of them getting soiled). I have mine opposite each other, with one lower down, and have connected the two with a ladder. I have placed foraging toys on the walls just above the sundecks, so the sundeck can catch anything that falls out of the toy. The sundeck itself is well constructed, and a bargain for the price. If well cared for, I see them lasting for several years (at least!).

  4. 5 out of 5


    This sundeck is amazing with the optional seagrass mat added, it allows me to fully use every space possible in the cage (as mentioned by other reviewers) to keep my Cockatiel charlie busy. It is very easy to attach the sundeck with the hooks so there is no fuss fumbling around with screws, bolts and whatnot. Now my Charlie has a play area at the top of his cage as he doesn’t like being on the bottom of the cage.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Kaz Adams (verified owner)

    I bought a couple of platforms for Patrick’s new outdoor enclosure. They are fantastic as I can unhook them and move them around so easily.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Sarah Peterson (verified owner)

    These platforms are the best thing ever! I was looking for ways to add more play areas at home and when we go camping, for our Eclectus as the cage is a lot smaller and these were the answer! So versatile, and easily transportable without taking up too much room.

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