Corner Shelf – Powder Coated

Corner Shelf – Powder Coated


Corner shelves are a great way to utilise space that may be otherwise difficult to make fun! Pop this platform high up in your birds cage as a nice roosting spot or at another level, with foot toys as a play area for your parrot. It can also be handy to place this near to a bolt-on foraging toy to provide access to that level of the cage. Popular with able-bodied and handicapped birds, it provides a nice spot to ‘chill out’.


The bars and sides of the platform are powder-coated. It attaches to the cage with bolts and rectangular ‘washers’ and will fit most cage and aviary bars. See the last 4 photos for an example of the corner shelf set up in a small, travel cage that has horizontal bars on one side and vertical bars on the other. The bolt with the fixed wingnut head screws straight into the hole in the corner shelf, eliminating the need for loose parts on the inside and outside of the cage.


The shelf has a large ‘lip’ on the curved edge. It is pictured with the lip facing downwards, however it can also be positioned the other way, with the lip facing up. This would hold small items like foot toys on the shelf (until your bird throws them over the edge).


I also offer the option of adding a piece of woven seagrass mat onto the platform for a chewable, safe & comfy perching spot for your bird. Replacements can be purchased separately for once the mat gets chewed. I use seagrass mats from Bunnings, that I wash and then soak in F10 veterinary disinfectant. They are thoroughly sun dried then cut to size, using a few small zip ties to stop the cut ends from fraying. The seagrass mat is then attached to the Sundeck with a few more small zip ties.

You can choose to make these seagrass covers yourself, how it’s recommended to wash the mats well before use.


As of 19th October 2018, these are due back in stock by the 24th of October and you can pre-order now to have your order sent as soon as they arrive.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    This fits perfectly in both the outdoor aviary and indoor cage and is very easy to clean. I just line the top with some eucalyptus bark, sprinkle some treats on top and cover with some native leaves and pods for my birds to forage through. They love it! So happy with it that I am about to order another to put their food tray on also.

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