Canopy Net Love (Kili)
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Medium Long Canopy Net
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Canopy Net Love (Kili)

SALE! Abaca Canopy Net by Aronico

$167.45$350.00 (inc GST)

The Aronico Canopy Nets are available in 4 different sizes! Made from lovely, bird safe, untreated abaca rope in a really swell design. The main focus of this toy has been safety, followed closely by fun and activity!

These are really high quality cargo nets that are great for aviaries, large cages and play areas. They promote activity and climbing. By hanging favourite chewing and foraging toys in different areas accessible by the net, you will encourage your bird to exercise and practice balancing. You can also thread branches of leaves and seed pods through the openings of the net, presented as a lovely bouquet to your lucky parrot! Lastly, by hanging more toys and boings below the net, you can turn the whole thing into a wonderful play area!

The measurements provided are for the BODY of the nets, the arms are 30-50cm long each depending on the style. ‘Canopy Nets’ are made with natural, safe Abaca rope and metal ‘O’ rings on each end. Quick links are sold separately if required.

The 2 medium sizes have 3/4″ rope which is just under 2cm thick and each square is 12.5cm. (the 3rd photo shows a comparison of medium, beside large)

Medium Short: 90 x 90cm

Medium Long: 90 x 180cm

The 2 large sizes have 1″ rope which is the same as 2.5cm thick and each square is 17.5cm. (the 3rd photo shows a comparison of medium, beside large)

Large Short: 120 x 120cm

Large Long: 120 x 210cm

The ‘Medium Short’, ‘Medium Long’ and ‘Large Short’ nets are often kept in stock, ready for immediate sending. The largest size is ‘special order only’. I always work to get these in as quickly as possible. If out of stock, please contact me to check availability of the size you’d like and to confirm pricing (which is subject to change due to exchange and shipping rates).


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  1. 5 out of 5


    My birds love this product, and were climbing on it within 15 minutes of me hanging it. I can weave toys and flowers and branches and treats in it and the fly there straight from their cage to see what is going on. It looks good in my dining room too!. For a pre-order I was really impressed with how quickly it came, and how I was informed at all times of where it was at.

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