3 Colours Large Shower Perch
Taco Amazon on Red Shower Perch 2
Precious on Large Shower Perch (2)
Large Shower Perch (yellow)
Precious on Large Shower Perch (1)
Precious on Large Shower Perch (1)
Taco Amazon on Red Shower Perch 1
Med and Lrg Shower Perch
3 Colour Large Shower Perch (6)
Large Shower Perch (red) (2)
Large Shower Perch – Purple

Large Shower Perch

$37.50 (inc GST)

A Shower Perch is a must-have for every parrot owner! This product is ideal for taking your bird into the shower or set up as a perch against the mirror or a window with a view. It holds securely to glass or tile surfaces with 3 suction cups and is proven to stay firmly attached with a 1kg Macaw flapping about!

The Large Shower Perch is a great size for large parrots, like Cockatoos, Amazons, Eclectus Parrots and Macaws. It is also suitable for Galahs, Corellas and similar. My Corella, Precious, is pictured on her Large Shower Perch, as it Taco the Amazon Parrot (photo provided by a lovely customer). The PVC pipe is white and the textured sand coating, that provides grip, comes in a variety of colours. Select from blue, green, red or yellow. Please note that purple was previously available but is not currently.

Please read the below description for further details.



This item roughly measures 22cm tall (height of the vertical pipe along the wall), 30cm wide (width of horizontal pipe along the wall). The sand covered part is 32cm long and whole perch sticks out 39cm from the wall. The suction cups are suitable for glass and smooth tiles but won’t hold on textured tiles, gaps with grout or on standard plasterboard/painted walls.

Please wet the suction cups slightly before use, to ensure the grip on well. If the suction cups are misshapen on arrival, pouring boiling water on them will have them pop back into position. While this Shower Perch can fold away when not in use, it is not as smooth and easy to turn as the smaller perch by a different brand.

The previous batches of shower perches came with a nickel plated eyelet screw that held the 2 parts of the shower perch together. The new design has eliminated that and the 2 ends of the PVC pipe slot nicely together without the screw.

This perch design is also available in a medium size, plus a small size of a different brand. Apart from perch length, the main difference between the designs are as follows:

  • Small by Super Bird – swivels smoothly and easily without modification. All 3 suction cups stay fixed to the wall. New design by Superbird means that the 3 ends (the ones by the wall) are open and not capped, water can get inside the perch and would require cleaning/emptying. This can be avoided by attaching the perch with the opening facing down and the perch at the top. The tip of the perch has a cover, with a toy hanging loop on it. The sandpaper grip is a stuck on cover, that is suitable for normal use, but not for birds who like to purposely chew up their perch.
  • Medium and Large – perch can be turned against the wall, but less easily.  It is stiffer to turn the perch, but possible. When turned, only the top 2 suction cups would remain against the wall as the lower suction cup needs to be detached from the wall for the perch to be turned. All ends are sealed from water getting in. There is no toy hanging link on the end. The grip is sand blasted on and a sealed cover over the whole perch, so will withstand much more chewing.

1 review for Large Shower Perch

  1. 5 out of 5

    Maggie Fitzgerald (verified owner)

    I purchased one of these for my blue and gold macaw, Gaire, who is a whole 1kg of parrot. This perch stood up to her flapping about, turning around and carrying on as she played in the shower. So I can vouch for the steadiness of this item and it’s suction cups, no slipping at all if the suction cups are applied wet to the surface as stated in the item discripdescription tion. She adores this perch, 5 stars.

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