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  • Natural Shredder Strips by Planet Pleasures by Elizabeth Hickson
    This is such a great product and can be used in so many ways. I like to use this by either weaving it through the bars of my lovebirds' cages or as part of a toy (weaving it on a metal fruit pole for example). Keeps them busy for hours.
  • Ko-Kou by Cockatiel Crazy
    My Lorikeet went absolutely nuts for this toy. He loves to lick the beads and shake the whole toy about while making crazy noises. Top quality and easy to clean (which is important when it comes to Lorys!) I'm sure this will be his favourite toy for a long time.
  • Stainless Steel Bath Dish by Sarah Peterson
    We bought the large and finally we have a shallow dish big enough for our Eclectus. It’s perfect!
  • Mahogany Pods (whole) by Sarah Peterson
    The Mahogany pods and slices are a big hit for my Eclectus Mango! He just loves them.
  • Sundeck Platform - Large by Sarah Peterson
    These platforms are the best thing ever! I was looking for ways to add more play areas at home and when we go camping, for our Eclectus as the cage is a lot smaller and these were the answer! So versatile, and easily transportable without taking up too much room.
  • Large Sola Ball 10cm+ by Sarah Peterson
    My Eclectus had lots of fun chewing the Large Sola ball.
  • ZuPreem VeggieBlend Pellet by Sarah Peterson
    I recently bought the larger pellet for my Eclectus parrot, and he loves them! Going to try the nut blend next! 😁
  • Egg Piñata (3 Sizes) by Planet Pleasures by Jessica Dwyer
    My Indian Ringneck, Willow, loves the crunch of this. I got her the small size and still find it plenty big enough for her strong beak. I would recommend to all who have babies who like to chew and shred.
  • Shredder Brain Ball (2 Sizes) by Planet Pleasures by KittyBeauPu
    This toy is another great ‘boredom buster’ item I have to give my birds when I need to be away from home for a little while and the birds need entertainment. I hide pine nuts within the folds or holes so they have to lick, hit, hang onto with claws or stick their beaks in to find and get them out. My birds started at first sight on this one without any encouragement. Both could forage on different sides as I hung it between two sun decks in their cage where they could each stand and have space. Great recommendation from animal enrichment. I got the small but will definitely go for the large or medium size when it’s time to update. Thank you!
  • Foraging Cylinder by Planet Pleasures by KittyBeauPu
    This has been a great addition and will be added to our ‘Boredom Buster’ toy repertoire. Kristy recommended it to us and we’re so glad she did. My boys are very fussy with what they choose to play or interact with (gah lorikeets) but I’ve found by placing pine nuts in some of the holes they enjoy and spend time trying to get them out by licking, knocking, crunching and pushing the cylinder while it hangs. Great stuff!
  • ZuPreem VeggieBlend Pellet by Jenny Palmer
    My two little cockatiels love this new veggie pellet! It’s great to be able to have more varieties for our smaller feathered friends, but my tip would be to crush them a little with a pestle and mortar if you want to avoid waste being flung out of the cage, until Zupreem makes an even smaller pellet like the fruit and natural pellets 🙂
  • Bolt on Natural Branch - Various Sizes by Clare
    These are the best natural perches, always clean and always nice and barky! I've tried some from other places and honestly they are no where near the quality of the ones supplied by Kirsty.
  • Star Beads (10) by Clare
    Great for adding to toys. Nice and colourful and packed neatly!
  • Boo's Balsa Bliss by Clare
    Great toy and really well made. My balsa obsessed budgie is one happy (and spoilt) birdy.
  • Natural Foot Toys by Clare
    I got one for my budgie and he was so excited when I put this in his cage! An instant hit is always great 😄 It's super well made too.
  • ZuPreem NutBlend Pellet by Sheree Macdonsld
    I got a sample pack of the Conure and Parrot size and my Quaker’s are finally eating pellets I feed them as a treat they are a good size for them to hold in their feet and eat
  • Frond Lanyard by Maddy
    My Quaker and Hahn's Macaw love this toy! They definitely chew at the pale, natural rope stuff but it seems sturdier than some of the other shredding toys I've bought them so it's lasting well. The little wood discs have been chewed off with delight and I still poke treats in the toy sometimes for them to find. A great all-rounder!
  • Large Sisal Boing 2.5cm x 275cm by HollowRoots
    A favourite of my conures and finches
  • Extra Large Foraging Wheel (Second Generation) by Kaz Adams
    I love this wheel. As Kirsty recommended, for anyone with an alex you definitely need the large. It come completely apart for filling and cleaning and apart from really fine chop it's great for vege chunks, treats, pellets. Only fine chop goes into a bowl, all other food is given to him in foraging toys.
  • Loose Banksia Seed Pods (Dry) by Kaz Adams
    Patrick, my alex, loves the dry pods, they are easy to hold and great for a destroying beak. I also know that they are clean and safe from any wild bird diseases.

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