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  • Murphy's Small Maintenance Pellet by bhg516
    Duchess (Princess Parrot) loves her pellets that I got for her. I am happy to support Animal Enrichment.
  • Nuts About Casuarina by Elizabeth H
    I just keep repurchasing these over and over as my lovebird absolutely LOVES them. Keeps her entertained for days.
  • Mahogany Pods (whole) by Kaz Adams
    These pods are a great soft chew for all sizes of parrots to destroy or nibble. Thoroughly cleaned for our birds' safety and ready to attack!
  • Banksia Bonanza by Kaz Adams
    Patrick has just started chewing again after his illness and the Banksia Bonanza is perfect, he can chew the soft or hard cones and wood as he chooses. It's the best toy for all sized parrots to hang off or nibble or destroy!
  • Mini Pinata by Planet Pleasures by Ashton Chase
    My conures not taken too much interest in the toy yet but I've seen recently his ripped parts off! Great toy for them to destroy!
  • Straw Beads (each) by Ashton Chase
    A bit hard to connect with the C links but makes sure your bird can't detach the toy at all!
  • C Links - Heavy Duty (each) by Ashton Chase
    Great to hang up toys with! If you have extra you can just give it to your bird to play with my conure likes them!
  • Nuts n Bolts Foot Toys (3 pack) by Ashton Chase
    My conure loves them! He loves to throw them and finds lots of enjoyment playing with them!
  • Maraca Mania by Ashton Chase
    My conure is very toy shy but he loves these because of the rattling noise, And even though his very destructive no bits have fallen off or broke, Very strong and safe toy!
  • Soft Sampler - Small Parrot Chew by Sam21
    Great toy for introducing birds who are not so great with toys, to toys. Used it to introduce a galah to toys, then upsized his toys from there. Great for smaller birds like cockatiels with various textures for them to enjoy. They especially love crunching the sola
  • Bitty Banksia Bonanza by Sam21
    My flock all love this toy, especially our two galahs. Makes them work at it to get the seeds out and keeps them busy. Highly recommend
  • Bird Homewares by D.DCotta
    I love these bird coasters. Good quality material. I can say good bye to condensation as they are super absorbent, they don’t stick to my glass and they don't move once placed. Beautiful bright vibrant colours and birds. I highly recommend them. Makes a perfect gift too.
  • Balsa Heaven by Jessica Taylor
    My Rainbow Lorikeet Rico could not get enough of this toy! She clearly had heaps of fun with it as she had it shredded and destroyed in a couple of hours!!Definitely recommend the Balsa Heaven for owners who have birds that love to chew on everything (such as a Rainbow Lorikeet 😉 )
  • Murphy's Lorikeet Diet by Rachel Holland
    You can not find a better product. Our Rainbow Lorikeets will not touch anything else. They are thriving, laying eggs, vibrant in colour and energy plus. I am so glad I received that free sample.
  • Ole' Senior Yucca Chew by Bird Kabob by Kaz Adams
    My alex loves these, they are a great easy chew that he can go back to if he feels like destroying!
  • Balsa Munch Sticks (5 or 40) by Elle
    These disappear so quickly that I'm left wondering whether I really have cockatiels or if they're simply wood chipping machines in a feathery disguise. Even though they don't last long though, they're well worth the price as my two have an absolute blast destroying them!
  • Balsa Wood Logs by Elle
    These are great value and perfect for shredding and foraging. They're soft enough for little beaks (cockatiels) to chew but provide more of a challenge than balsa slats, sola sticks, etc. I use a skewer to poke a few holes into them for hiding sunflower seeds in.
  • Small Foraging Bin by Elle
    I'd been wanting to get our cockatiels a 'baffle cage' for such a long time but had been wary of the slightly larger than recommended (for cockatiels) bar spacing of the original, so I was very excited to discover this version and couldn't wait to test it out. It's a hit! Charlie and Lucy are quite avid foragers and I love that this provides them with an additional challenge. I've filled ours with and assortment of balsa, sola, mahogany pods and bamboo finger traps—they've been having a lot of fun munching their way through things while searching for the sunflower seeds and millet pods hidden within. I love that it's dishwasher safe and it's very sturdily constructed. 5/5 stars, definitely recommend!
  • Balsa Wood Logs by Kristine Bettridge
    Fantastic wood for smaller parrots to chew and happily destroy. Love the round shape and the different sizes change the way the birds destroy these. For a parrot, destroying a safe toy is what it’s all about. Can’t beat these logs for a happy parrot.
  • Sola Person by HollowRoots
    My birds shredding it in seconds, they love it!

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