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Small Foraging Bin
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Small Foraging Bin

$39.00 (inc GST)

Smaller than the Small Baffle Cage, this ‘Foraging Bin’ has been designed for our teenie parrots. Made with tough 304 Stainless Steel and safe as can be.

The Foraging Bin is perfect for feeding your bird chopped pieces of fruits and vegetables. It can be used as a shredding holder, filled with your parrots’ favourite chewable toy parts like Yucca, Crinkly Paper, Sola, Finger Traps and other toy parts. Or poke cuttle fish, millet and other edible delights inside the Foraging Bin for your birds to work away at.

This is the smallest of 3 products. Here’s a convenient comparison between similar products. See each product description for more detailed measurements.

Small Foraging Bin: 8cm diameter and 8cm high with 12 to 16mm bar spacing.

Small Baffle Cage: 15cm wide and 9cm high with 18mm bar spacing.

Large Baffle Cage: 20cm wide and 15.5cm high with 20mm bar spacing.

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Just like the Baffle Cage, the chain at the top of the Foraging Bin unscrews from the central rod of the toy, allowing you to remove the bead and lid of the holder to refill it.

The ‘cage’ of the Small Foraging Bin measures roughly 82mm high and 77mm in diameter. Including the chain it hangs from, the total height is 25cm.
Each bar is 3mm in diameter and the bar spacing on the sides is 16mm, while the top & bottom is 12mm. It weighs just shy of 200 grams.

1 review for Small Foraging Bin

  1. 5 out of 5

    Elle (verified owner)

    I’d been wanting to get our cockatiels a ‘baffle cage’ for such a long time but had been wary of the slightly larger than recommended (for cockatiels) bar spacing of the original, so I was very excited to discover this version and couldn’t wait to test it out. It’s a hit! Charlie and Lucy are quite avid foragers and I love that this provides them with an additional challenge. I’ve filled ours with and assortment of balsa, sola, mahogany pods and bamboo finger traps—they’ve been having a lot of fun munching their way through things while searching for the sunflower seeds and millet pods hidden within. I love that it’s dishwasher safe and it’s very sturdily constructed. 5/5 stars, definitely recommend!

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