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Loose Banksia Seed Pods

$1.20$2.00 (inc GST)

Australian Native Banksia Seed Pods are great enrichment for parrots, who love chewing at these natural delights. Hide small dried treats inside the openings of dry pods for a foraging surprise (millet works perfectly).

Each Banksia pod is a provided by nature and therefore vary in size, colour and appearance. I scrub these seed pods by hand and clean them in bird-safe veterinary disinfectant (F10) before drying in the sun and sending. Loose Banksia Pods make great foot toys for larger parrots, they can be placed in a Foraging Tray or foraging holder (eg Baffle Cage or Hide n Seek). You can select to have a hole drilled in the side of the pod, allowing you to thread onto Stainless Steel Wire to make your own bird toys. Many of these mentioned products are also available in my store – click each link to see more. Be sure to check out the Fresh Gumnuts, which compliment the Banksia Pods well.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Kaz Adams

    Patrick, my alex, loves the dry pods, they are easy to hold and great for a destroying beak. I also know that they are clean and safe from any wild bird diseases.

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