Small Baffle Cage (Natural Refill Optional)

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Small Baffle (2)
Small Baffle (3 resized)
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Small Baffle Cage (Natural Refill Optional)

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This is a high quality, sturdy foraging design that is great for all breeds of birds. Fill it with your bird’s fruits and vegetables for their fresh food foraging. Or make it a refillable destruction toy, but putting blocks of wood, pinecones, gumnuts, yucca, foot toys, pieces of broken toys, shredded paper and banksia pods inside – or whatever takes your parrots’ fancy!

Your bird will need to reach through the gaps in the bars to access their rewards. You could make this harder by wrapping everything inside the toy with paper for them to chew open or lining the baffle cage with cardboard once your parrot has mastered it.

The Small Baffle Cage is 100% stainless steel and measures 10 x 10cm across, while hanging just over 20cm tall from a chain with quick link attachment. It has a 1.8cm space between each of the bars. This is the smaller of the 2 sizes, best for small to medium parrots. For large parrots, see the Large Baffle Cage. The last photo shows the large next to the small, both filled with natural seed pods, which is an option you can add if desired.

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1 review for Small Baffle Cage (Natural Refill Optional)

  1. 5 out of 5

    michellem06 (verified owner)

    A baffle cage is an essential for all bird owners! I put off getting one for my two Cockatiels because it was “too expensive”. After finally getting it I can’t believe I took so long. One of the best things I’ve bought them!

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Quaker with fruit and vegetables wrapped in paper

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