20 Yucca Slices
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5 yucca slices from 20pk (1)
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20 Yucca Pieces/Chips Pack by Bird Kabob

$27.90 (inc GST)

A bag of 20 yucca slices in discs, halves and quarters.

Yucca is a type of plant and these pieces of dried plant stalk are bird safe, soft and chewable. Parrots, small and large love munching on the soft, fibrous natural material. It’s great to give as a foot toy or thread onto other toys. You can poke a hole with skewer, wire or scissors and hang it in your birds’ cage. By making small holes in the Yucca and pushing dry food treats into it, you can make this a foraging foot toy also (as shown in final photo).

You will receive a pack of 20 pieces, as pictured. The slices are roughly 2cm thick and come as a range of discs, halves and quarters. These can all be cut to smaller pieces easily with a stanley blade. As a natural item, the pieces do vary and can have ‘imperfections’, with areas of different colours and some naturally occurring holes being normal. Photos of different examples are shown.

Yucca is also known as ‘yukka’.

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1 review for 20 Yucca Pieces/Chips Pack by Bird Kabob

  1. 5 out of 5

    KittyBeauPu (verified owner)

    This was a great buy. I’m just about to buy a second pack for my two lorikeets. They love to chew & shred so this product is perfect. Pieces are soft enough to thread into a skewer for a hanging toy which keeps them busy & challenged.

    One should note that my birds can’t quite chew through the disk pieces included in the pack due to the hard fibre on the outside (they shred the soft internal bits), but it’s easily remedied by cutting the disks in half with a knife & chopping board. They end up like the other half-moon pieces already included. This will be a staple item on all our future orders.

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