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The Jellyfish is full of soft, squidgy vegetable tanned leather which is delightful to chew and safe for your bird. Adorned with colourful beads and squares of leather hanging between knots in the leather rope, this will be a fun toy for your small parrot to nibble and manipulate. Birds just love shaking the strands of this toy, chewing the leather and preening the beads.

The Jellyfish is made in Australia and measures 18cm long and 4cm wide. There is a stainless steel ‘o’ ring at the top to attach your own hanging link of your choosing. It comes in a range of colours.

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3 reviews for Jellyfish

  1. 5 out of 5

    stephanie.cervasio (verified owner)

    Don’t let the size of this toy fool you!! This toy is small but effective. I actually purchased this toy not realising its actual size. I gave it to Alex any way (yes my alexandrine with a huge destructive beak) and it has kept him entertained for days now and still counting. Although it is a little dismantled now (ok maybe a lot) I have spread out the broken up pieces still consisting of the beads and leather strips throughout my room & ensuite which he roams & his cage & he will chew on it for ages at a time. I will 100% be re ordering some more of these

  2. 4 out of 5

    Tell15 (verified owner)

    Dont be fooled by my 4 star rating, ive only given 4 because I wish these were slightly bigger. This is actually my tiels 2nd favourite toy (after the pinecones) and he LOVES undoing knots, so this keeps him busy for ages.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Linda Eales (verified owner)

    Great little toy, my Quaker loves to shake his and thread it through the cage bars.

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