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Medium Squidalicious

$12.50 (inc GST)

A bright and colourful toy for your small parrot to chew, shake and play with. A cluster of rolled paper sticks hang from a cute wooden cup. Watch as your bird chews and begins to unravel this paper treasure with glee. The Squidlicious is a great little toy for birds that like to shred things. They come in a range of 6 colours and are also available in a small size .

The body of the Medium Squidalicious roughly measures 11 x 4.5cm and it hangs a total of 20cm tall from the stainless steel chain. While the measurements of this medium toy aren’t much larger than the small toy, it contains many more paper sticks and has a larger cup. It does not come with a hanging link which you can choose from the drop down menu (or select ‘none’ if you have spares).

The parts of this toy are coloured with food-safe vegetable dye and it contains FDA approved child-safe glue inside the cup to hold the paper sticks. Be sure to check out the similar toys, including a bolt-on perch with paper sticks.


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  1. 5 out of 5

    Lily (verified owner)

    After my lorikeet rejected this toy my lovebirds were much more interested, I recommend this for birds with stronger beaks or else they’ll have a lot of trouble destroying it, but they loved holding it by the paper sticks and banging it against the cage to make a noise!

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