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Hide n Seek Foraging Holder

$45.00 (inc GST)

This is a super versatile little foraging toy that is easy to use and can be made harder for your birds. Hide chewable shredding items like pinecones, gumnuts, shredded paper, yucca pieces, vine balls, blocks of wood and Cuttlefish bones to keep your destructive bird busy chewing. Or use it for food foraging by putting nuts in shell or fruit and vegetable chunks in this toy for your bird to work for. You can even wrap the items inside within paper, so your bird has to chew through the paper before getting the goodies within.

To use this toy, your bird simply needs to choose his/her target and get chewing! There are a total of 10 slots/opening in this toy to choose from. For expert foragers, you can easily make this toy harder by lining underneath/inside the openings with thick cardboard to chew through. The back of the toy un-clips to make refilling a breeze without having to unscrew it from the bars (can be removed and refilled within an aviary also).

The Hide n Seek measures 10 X 17.5cm and is made from tough polycarbonate that is blue. It comes already stuffed with chewing items, as pictured (the same as the refill pack with wood blocks, raffia strips and a few vine balls). The toy screws to the side of the cage with a polycarbonate screw/washer that fits most cage and aviary bars. Further refill packs as well as other chewing items to fill the toy with, can be purchased here too. See the items below for suggestions.

2 reviews for Hide n Seek Foraging Holder

  1. 5 out of 5

    Emily (verified owner)

    Our galah x corella absolutely loves this! He is, however, too smart for his own good and has figured out how to get the back off somehow and so this has gone from an ‘always’ toy to a ‘sometimes’ toy to keep it interesting for him

  2. 5 out of 5

    Sam21 (verified owner)

    Best toy ever!! I need to buy another one got it for Malaki our amazon but our Galah likes it too (Malaki doesn’t like to share lol)

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