Turn ‘n Learn Logs

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Turn ‘n Learn Logs

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The Turn n Learn Logs is a great foraging toy that can be a challenge even for the smartest of parrots. It’s a very time consuming toy and requires some patience and skill.


Your bird will need to unscrew each of the opaque, blue logs to access the compartment in the bottom of each log, where treats, toys and beads can be hidden. Mini Feather Weight Foot Toys and 2cm Vine Balls fit well within the compartments as foraging items. Birds will generally use their beaks to chew the logs in the opposite direction to each other in order to open it, but some larger parrots may use their feet to hold the lower log too.
Each log is rougly 5.5cm in diameter and hangs just over 30cm long when screwed shut and 55cm long when unscrewed. It attaches to the cage with a quick link.

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Sulphur Crested Cockatoo


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