Caitec 75mm Buffet Ball (original)
Caitec 75mm Buffet Ball (original) example
3in Party Ball (2)
Buffet Ball on M Skewer
3 vege balls

Buffet 3″ Party Ball (Regular)

$19.90 (inc GST)

This toy is perfectly designed for feeding your bird fruits and vegetables. You could also fill with shredded paper, large pellets/nuts and parcels.

Your bird just needs to reach their beak into the slots/openings in this toy to pull out their prize! Wrapping your birds’ chunks of fruit and vegetables will prolong the enjoyment of this toy as your bird chews through the paper to get to their reward. Believe it or not, this toy can actually help to reduce mess and wastage. Every beak-full of food your bird gets out, he has to purposely chew/work for so more often than not, he’s not going to throw it all over your walls!

The Buffet Ball is made from tough polycarbonate and will hold up against even the tougher beaks. This is a loose, individual toy. It can be hung from a skewer, hung by a large hanging loop, used as a foot toy for a very large parrot or placed in a foraging bowl.
The Buffet Ball is 9cm in diameter and each of the 12 slots (6 per half) is about 4cm long and 8-12mm wide. This is a versatile toy that suits most parrots.

This Buffet Ball toy is the regular size and is also known as the 3″ Party Ball. Caitec make 2 other sizes of foraging ball also. There is a smaller one, called the Hanging Sphere and the larger version, the 5″ Party Ball. Both are available in my store and you can see the different sizes in the last photo.

1 review for Buffet 3″ Party Ball (Regular)

  1. 4 out of 5

    Marky2110 (verified owner)

    Great foraging toy for my Alex
    He spends most of day trying get that walnut out
    Only down side is the thread is to fine and can take a few goes to screw the halves together with stripping the thread
    Over all it’s a great toy

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