Mastermind Heart Forager

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Mastermind Heart Forager

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This is well designed, different little foraging toy, that suits the small guys well. Hide treats, beads and normal diet/pellets within the cones of this toy to entice your parrot.

Your bird will need to move the cones around the heart, up to the top, where an opening allows the reward to slide out of the cone, into the retrieval tray in the middle of the heart.

The Mastermind Heart is made from tough, clear and green polycarbonate and will hold up against even the tougher beaks. It measures 20 x 18cm and attaches to cage with the 2 large, polycarbonate washer/screws that fit most cage and aviary bars.

This heart size is suitable for Cockatiels to Indian Ringnecks. For Alexandrines and larger parrots, the Mastermind Circle is more appropriately sized.


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