Caitec Snack Rack
New Snack Rack – Clear (1) resized
New Snack Rack – Clear (2) resized
Nibbles with Snack Rack 2

Snack Rack

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The Snack Rack is a great foraging puzzle for parrots that has 2 main difficulty levels. Hide treats, toys, pellets, fruit or vege chunks within the Snack Rack for your bird to get out. Your bird will need to turn the outer pieces which rotate around the main body of the toy. Great for small parrots (eg Conures, Quakers, Lorikeets) that are experienced with other foraging designs, as well as for all medium and large breeds of parrots.

Each of the 2 outer pieces has an indent which allows the piece to pass over the middle shelf which has a protruding piece. Start the toy at an easier level by having the treat at the top so your bird just needs to turn the pieces until one falls down to reveal the treat. For Alexandrines and larger parrots, you can later increase the difficulty by putting the treat in the bottom level and your bird will need to turn and LIFT the top level to get it over the shelf above it, before retrieving their reward. This can be seen in the videos below.

Please note, this toy used to come in a translucent green colour, as you will see in the videos. It now comes as completely clear.

Parrots are very clever, but won’t automatically know how to use this toy. Be sure to introduce this toy to them at an easy level and gradually make it more difficult – show them how to use it, let them win!

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Amba (verified owner)

    A great and challenging foraging toy. This took awhile for my galah to figure out. I like how it can be set to two different difficulties.

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Nibbles the Quaker, 3 years apart

Corella, learning on easy then experienced and using on difficult level

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