Rings of Fortune

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Rings of Fortune

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This is a time consuming, fun toy for your parrot to work with, as well as being durable and sturdy!

Fill the Rings of Fortune from the opening in the top then turn the top cover. Your clever parrot will need to spin each level to line up the openings so the reward falls to the treat opening at the bottom of the toy. The levels spin freely and your bird can watch their food move closer and closer until it reaches the opening.

This toy is made from tough, polycarbonate and will hold up against even the tougher beaks. It comes in clear only though you may see the old, coloured version in some videos.
Measures 16cm tall and 8cm in diameter. The whole toy, hanging on chain is 39cm long and attaches to the cage with a quick link.

The Rings of Fortune toy arrives from the manufacturer with a pear clip attaching the chain to the body of the toy. I find this unsafe as many medium and large parrots can undo these pear clips and have the potential to get their beak caught on it in play. Because of this I change the attachment to a stainless steel medium ‘O’ ring, provided by me and safely attached (closed, safe for beaks!).

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