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Space Circles

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This rolley polley toy is great for feeding your bird dry food and treats. Your clever parrot will need to push and tilt or shake the toy to get to their reward.

The ‘Space Circles’ is a figure 8 shape and hangs from the centre of the ‘8’. The toy hangs slightly tilted so the treats sit at the lower end. Your bird will need to push the higher end down and also move it side to side to work the reward through the track, to the opening. You can fill it with bird safe foraging substrate to make the treats harder to get to or use foraging foot toys like a 2cm Vine Ball or Mini Feather Weight (pictured). The Space Circles makes a delightful rattling sound as your bird shakes it, due to the beads sealed inside the protruding arms of the toy which your bird can use as a handle.

This toy is made from tough polycarbonate and will stand up to even the the rougher beaks. It hangs roughly 23cm long on a quick link and chain, it is 16cm across the ‘8’ and 2.5cm thick.

Dry treats like pieces of nut, large pellets or paper-wrapped treats work well within the Space Circles. I often use Mini Feather Weight Foot Toys with half a pumpkin seed or piece of slivered almond wedged in the gaps, within this toy as a reward. My own Green Cheek Conure, Quakers, Corella and Galah all use their Space Circles well. It is a versatile toy suitable for many parrot species.

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