Hide Away Hanging Box Feeder

Hide Away Hanging Box Feeder


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The Creative Foraging Systems Hanging Box Feeder toy is great for feeding your birds’ dry food and treats. Fill with bird safe foraging substrate to make the food harder to get to and more time consuming for your bird.


Your can introduce this to your bird at an easy level, without any covering at first. Once they know there’s food in the toy, you can start covering it with the sleeves provided for them to work more for their food. Your clever parrot will need to chew open the cardboard box to access the rewards inside! The cardboard sleeves come with various perforated openings that you can remove as ‘windows’ to the food inside, another great way to adjust the difficulty as your bird learns. The Hanging Box Feeder comes with 2 sleeves in the pack already and refill packs of 5 sleeves can be purchased separately.


This toy is made from clear polycarbonate and hangs on a short chain with pear clip to attach it to your birds’ cage.

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Conure (learning with no cardboard sleeve)


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