JW Tip and Treat

JW Tip and Treat


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A great cage-mounted foraging toy for our smaller birds, this simple yet enjoyable toy is perfect for Budgies, Lovebirds and Cockatiels. Watch as your bird learns to tip the pod to retrieve the reward from the tray below.


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Please note that there is a mirror that makes up the back wall of this toy. Mirrors have been found to be popular with these breeds of bird in particular, so it may help encourage your bird to this toy while they’re learning. Once they have learned to use the foraging part of this toy, you may wish to cover the mirror with some paper to avoid your bird becoming obsessed with their reflection. I have done this with my own birds’ toy and found it successful.

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Chibi the Budgie using the Tip & Treat

Cockatiel using the Tip & Treat


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