Pinecone Paradise Large

Large Pinecone Paradise
Large Pinecone Paradise
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Pinecone Paradise Large

$15.00 (inc GST)

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A 50cm long, natural chew, full of crunchy pinecones for your medium to large parrot.

One of the original “Kirsty’s Natural Bird Toys”, this toy is handmade with Australian Gumnuts, a Banksia cone and pinecones and a timber piece, threaded onto stainless steel wire. A loop is made at the top of the toy to attach a hanging link to.


These natural toys are handmade and the seed pods are seasonally available. Therefore, every toy does differ and contains a mix of dry/open and green/closed seed pods. Please contact me before purchase if you have specific wishes or want to check availability of certain seed pods.


1 review for Pinecone Paradise Large

  1. 5 out of 5

    STACEY (verified owner)

    you know how people talk about expensive presents for kids, but give them a cardboard box and they are happy? Well, this is the birdy “cardboard box”. i have had two sun conures for 3 months now and i have spent a considerable amount of money trying different toys and chewables to keep them happy and entertained. This by FAR has been the MOST successful toy i have purchased. They chew for hours, and eat some of it. Forget the expensive wooden toys for $40 or more, try this, I only bought one, but watching them enjoy it so much, i have ordered another three for the cupboard so i wont be caught short when their first one bites the dust!!! I am extremely happy with this product, and its comes clean and tidy too which is awesome, no bugs or nasties 🙂

    the second choice is the large natural chew, which i again have ordered more to store.

    happy Sun Conures means happy human carer 🙂

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