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Small and Large Baffles (filled) (2)
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Small and Large Baffles (filled) (4)
Small and Large Baffles (filled) (3)

Natural Parts Refill for Baffle Cage

$13.00$25.00 (inc GST)

A beautiful pack of natural goodies including seed pods and branch pieces for your bird to chew. Hand picked to fit the 2 Baffle Cage sizes, though you can use these items as foot toys or put them in other foraging holders like the Hide n Seek. The pack may contain a seasonal mix of: Gumnuts, Pinecones, Banksia Pods, Liquid Amber Pods, Barky Branch Pieces and seagrass mat offcuts. Occasionally a special, rare large Casuarina pod may be included too. The mix will either be all dry or a mix of dry and green, depending on availability and how/where it’s shipping to (eg I won’t choose to send green pods to Western Australia via standard mail service, unless you’re already ordering fresh naturals). Please specify in order notes if you have a preference.

All natural items have been safely cleaned and are ready to use. Some examples are shown and your pack may vary from the pictures. No holes are drilled in these items, though you can do this yourself to put the items on a skewer. See also the individually listed Banksia, Pinecones and Gumnuts for specific items, with the option to have them drilled.

The purchase of this refill pack DOES NOT include the Baffle Cage, which can be purchased separately if desired. Normal processing time for natural orders is 2 days to 4 business days, but can be longer during bad weather or busy periods.

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