New Balsa Wood Logs (2)
New Balsa Wood Logs (1)
Balsa Wood Logs (all) (3)
Balsa Wood Logs (all) (2)
Balsa Wood Logs (all) (1)
Echo Amazon Parrot with Balsa Log
Charlie with Balsa Log (watermarked)

Balsa Wood Logs

$1.90$9.00 (inc GST)

Balsa is a soft wood that many pets love to chew. Balsa has been popular in the many pre-cut shapes available and are used in some of my toy designs. Now your pet can explore whole logs of balsa branch! These pure branches have been cut from a Balsa tree, had their bark removed and have been dried. They are otherwise untouched – as natural as can be. Each log typically measures 4 to 5.5cm in diameter. The new batch for July have arrived with diameters of 4.5 to 7.5cm, so there’s more to chew! There is also a new size in this batch – XL at 24cm long. The first 2 photos show all 5 sizes, whereas the later photos show only the first 4 sizes.

These Balsa Logs will best suit medium to large parrots, though are safe for all parrot species as well as pocket pets such as ferrets, rabbits and rats. See Charlie the Cockatiel and Echo the Amazon enjoying their Balsa Logs!

The center of the log is softer than the outside, meaning you can easily poke a skewer or wire through the middle to use the log in toy making. Or drill through the side of the Balsa Log to hang it sideways, exposing the soft goodness to your lucky bird (poke a sunflower seed treat inside to entice them in). Logs are also useful as a foot toy for larger parrots and great for pocket pets to chew.

There are now lots of sizes of Balsa items available, including Matchsticks, Mini Bricks, Square Sticks, Slats and Whole Balsa Logs, as well as the range of toys that I make with these parts. Search “balsa” to see the whole range!


2 reviews for Balsa Wood Logs

  1. 5 out of 5

    Kristine Bettridge (verified owner)

    Fantastic wood for smaller parrots to chew and happily destroy. Love the round shape and the different sizes change the way the birds destroy these.
    For a parrot, destroying a safe toy is what it’s all about.
    Can’t beat these logs for a happy parrot.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Elle (verified owner)

    These are great value and perfect for shredding and foraging. They’re soft enough for little beaks (cockatiels) to chew but provide more of a challenge than balsa slats, sola sticks, etc. I use a skewer to poke a few holes into them for hiding sunflower seeds in.

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