Extra Large Sisal Perch 90cm x 2.5cm

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Extra Large Sisal Perch 90cm x 2.5cm

$23.00 (inc GST)

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New sisal perches to create easy, variable perching options in your birds’ cage or play area, without the use of dangerous cotton.

These sisal rope perches have wire inside them and are easy to bend and shape to suit your design. This means they can be used in places that can be tricky to use normal branches. They can bend in a ‘L’ shape from the ceiling to the wall of the cage, a ‘C’ shape from the front or back face to the side wall of the cage, you can even make them a ‘U’ shape and have both ends bolted onto the same wall of the cage (this is ideal for placing on large cage doors that would otherwise be useless space or for creating a ‘verandah’ for your bird outside their cage). Of course, if you have a long enough perch, it can also go straight from wall to wall, maybe including a ‘zig’ or a ‘zag’ on the way.

With a thicker, 2.5cm diameter, this size is best suited to medium to large parrots like Alexandrines to Macaws (and everything in between). They will be on the thinner side of things for a Macaw, but still suitable. While best suited to these breeds, smaller parrots like Cockatiels and Conures can still use these safely and are ok if you’re wanting the longer perch for your birds’ cage.
There are 2 lengths available in this diameter and this is the 90cm long one. The length refers to the pvc and sisal parts combined, but not the bolts on either end. It comes with 2 washers that have a 50mm diameter as well as a wingnut. For small diameters and other lengths of perches as well as sisal boings, see my other items too!

Sisal is much safer than cotton rope and commonly recommended by avian vets. Please still supervise your birds’ use of this perch and consider removing it if they are chewing excessively.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    mildowts (verified owner)

    These rope perches are amazing. Helps my birds with foot disabilities get around

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