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ZuPreem FruitBlend Pellet

$44.30 (inc GST)

Only Med/Lrg aka ‘Parrots and Conures’ size is in stock currently. Other product sizes ‘hidden’ temporarily. Restock due roughly August-September. Sign up to notification HERE.

ZuPreem are a high quality pellet, recommended and used by zoos and avian vets around the world! This pellet is made in USA and imported. It is NOT irradiated or treated on import.

I recommend feeding the smallest size to nearly all pet Parrots. Using a smaller pellet, you will find there is less wastage (than larger pellets) and when used in a foraging scenario, it takes the bird longer to retrieve their meal. I feed my own birds (a mix of Conures, Quakers, a Galah and Corella) the smallest size pellet of their diet. The larger pellet sizes are great for training treats and used in certain foraging toys.

Access to fresh water should always be allowed and a diet of fresh vegetables and some fruit should also be provided to your bird. When changing your bird from either seed or a different pellet, onto this diet, it is recommended to convert them using a method approved by an avian vet. Closely monitor your birds’ weight and their droppings during this transition and chat to your avian vet if you’re concerned. This conversion method, recommended by Brisbane Bird Vet, has been successful for many birds.



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