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Sola Stems

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Sola is the lightest wood in the world and is even softer than balsa! Small parrots love chewing at the satisfying pieces. Because these stems are so light, they can be easily held as foot toys. Alternatively, you can thread onto wire, cord or a skewer to make your own toy. You can also put these in your birds foraging tray or refillable holder toy (eg Hide n Seek, Buffet Ball or Baffle Cage). While these parts do not come with a pre-drilled hole, the sola is so soft, that it’s easy to poke a hole with a skewer, screwdriver or similar.

Each Sola Stem measures roughly 10cm long and 2 to 3cm in diameter. These are listed individually, so you can purchase the quantity that you want in plain, dyed and bark options. I have dyed the coloured ones myself with food safe dyes – a costly and time consuming process, hence the extra cost of the dyed option. The new ‘bark’ option of Sola has a thin layer of ‘crispy’ yet soft bark on the outside. This is soft enough for small beaks to break through still.

While perfectly safe for all breeds of bird, I have only ‘tagged’ this product for smaller parrots. This is because of how soft this part is and the fact that larger parrots would destroy it incredibly quickly. Sola is softer than balsa and yucca – so soft, you can easily dint it with your fingernail! Your large bird will have a great time chewing it, just don’t expect a piece to last too long once they discover the joy of tearing it into tiny pieces.

Also check out the new larger Sola Balls.

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2 reviews for Sola Stems

  1. 5 out of 5

    KittyBeauPu (verified owner)

    Six stars!! This has been an absolute life-saver for us. We thought we were ‘sitting ducks’ when Kirsty announced the ‘sitting pretty’ toy was being discontinued by the company making it. I bought the individual pieces after reading the description and even copied the suggestion of threading it onto our metal hanging skewers. It’s been a complete success. My two lorikeets couldn’t wait to get to them, even sticking their heads into the bag where they were packed. I can say 100% they are happy munching away and have entertained themselves with these pieces. I would say it’s even better than the original toy as there’s no plastic waste from bits they don’t chew. I’ll definitely be buying more and will attempt to make my own toys. Super recommended for any bird who likes to seed, tear or chew!!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Lily (verified owner)

    Made a couple toys out of these and they are THE BEST! I couldn’t get my lorikeet to chew on anything besides their plastic cat ball, but after showing them how it worked by breaking a price off they were obsessed with it. I’m so happy with this product!

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