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Regular Sola Ball 6cm

$2.70$4.50 (inc GST)

Sola is the lightest wood in the world and is even softer than balsa. You can easily dint it with your fingernail. Parrots love chewing at the satisfying texture and tearing chunks out of it. Because they are so light, the balls can be easily held as foot toys by most parrots. You can also put Sola Balls in your birds foraging tray or refillable holder toy (eg Hide n Seek, Buffet Ball or Baffle Cage). Alternatively, you can thread onto stainless steel wire or a refillable skewer to make your own toy. The sola is so soft, that it’s easy to poke a hole with a skewer, screwdriver or similar.

Check out the videos below (next to the reviews) to see and hear the satisfying crunch of the Sola, which has a similar texture to popcorn. Each Regular Sola Ball measures between 5cm and 7.5cm in diameter. As a natural product each item does vary in size and colour. It is made from many thin sola stems, joined together by a short length of thin twine at the center. Supervision is recommended due to the inner thread (see picture).

Sola plant is safe for all parrot breeds though this Sola Ball is best suited to small and medium parrots. It is the second largest Sola item I stock and your large parrot will have a great time chewing on one, just don’t expect a piece to last too long once they discover the joy of tearing it into tiny pieces. Meanwhile, tiny birds will be intimidated by the size of the ball, so I would recommend the Sola Stems or Small Sola Ball for them instead. See the Large Sola Ball for particularly large birds or smaller ones that love destroying this soft texture. I am now making Christmas Coloured Sola Balls too!


2 reviews for Regular Sola Ball 6cm

  1. 5 out of 5

    Daisy Kelly (verified owner)

    Hugely recommend these are a big hit with my 3 lorikeets, great for birds that love to chew and pull things apart!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Kaz Adams (verified owner)

    These balls are fantastic. I poked little treats into the gaps and Patrick had a “ball”. Toys that are easily and quickly destroyed are just as important for enrichment as hard, long lasting toys. If you have an alexandrine, enjoy the moment, it doesn’t last long but it’s worth every cent!

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