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PP Octo Pinata – all sizes (2) – named

Small Octopus Pinata by Planet Pleasures

$10.50 (inc GST)

This is a fun, colourful bird toy that your companion parrot will love! Made with natural, woven plant material and bird safe food dye, it truly is designed for beaks that love to chew and preen! The dried palm leaf is crunchy and enjoyable to chew, with lots of little gaps where you could hide dry seed treats as a bonus for your bird. Many dangling legs hang from the body of the toy, they are fun for parrots to shake and hide in as well as chew! The Octopus Piñata is made by Planet Pleasures who supply an awesome range of natural bird toys for your parrots’ chewing pleasure!

The Octopus Piñata comes in 3 sizes and each handmade toy may vary slightly in size. Rough dimensions for each are provided below:

Small – 19cm tall or 22cm including the loop. 5-7cm in diameter.

Medium  – 22cm tall or 28cm including the loop. 6-8cm in diameter.

Large – 32cm tall or 37cm including the loop. 8-12cm in diameter.

There is a loop at the top of the toy to attach a hanging link. You can choose to add your preferred style or select ‘no thanks’ if you have spare pear clips or quick links already.


2 reviews for Small Octopus Pinata by Planet Pleasures

  1. 5 out of 5

    Marlene (verified owner)

    My birds love the octopus pinata. They have so much fun pulling it apart.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Magbirds (verified owner)

    An amazing toy… my weiros love it… can’t stop chewing on it. Thank you! x

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