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Sola Person

Sola Person

$15.50 (inc GST)

The new Sola Person is a cute little toy handmade by me with soft and safe, crunchy Sola and other natural items. This is great for small to medium parrots to chew.

This natural toy contains Sola plant material, dried vine and some pony beads. Another cotton-free design, the cord in this toy is an untreated paper rope, which has a loop in the top to hang it from the cage bars.  The Sola Person measures roughly 30cm long and 12-15cm wide. While photos show the Sola Person with a stainless steel pear clip attached to the loop, this is an optional add-on. If you have spare links already, you can choose to have no links included with the toy.

As a handmade item, with natural plant parts, each one does vary.


1 review for Sola Person

  1. 5 out of 5

    HollowRoots (verified owner)

    My birds shredding it in seconds, they love it!

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