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Vine Tweeter Totter

$17.50 (inc GST)

The popular Vine Tweeter Totter toy, made by Super Bird Creations, is a cute fun toy for the little ones. Your small parrot will enjoy exploring, chewing and preening at the shredded crinkly paper that explodes out of the 4cm vine ball, playing with the small vine rings that hang from the horizontal paddlepop bar, jingling the bell and turning the timber beads.

All parts are cotton free and colouring is food safe dye. It comes with nickel plated hardware, including a pear clip.

This toy measures 19cm tall (total, including pear clip and bell) and 13cm wide.

2 reviews for Vine Tweeter Totter

  1. 5 out of 5

    Mooncake and Starbuck (verified owner)

    We chose this toy due to its small size, as it was able to fit inside Mooncake and Starbucks travel cage without taking up a lot of space and without becoming a death-pendulum. This one was a hit, as it had all the best things – something to shred, something to pull apart, something to chew, some things to try and pull off, and something to jingle. A great cheap little boredom buster if space is ever at a premium (such as in the travel cage).

  2. 5 out of 5

    Lily (verified owner)

    This toy is loved buy my lovebirds, there’s so much verity and works really well as a foraging toy!

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