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Extra Large Colourful Pinata by Planet Pleasures

$25.10 (inc GST)

What a HUGE and chunky shreddable Piñata! Your companion parrot is sure to love chewing up all the natural goodness in this toy. Handmade with natural, woven plant material, it truly is designed for beaks that love to chew. Planet Pleasures make an awesome range of natural bird toys with palm leaf and other natural parts for your parrots’ chewing pleasure.

You can even turn this into a foraging toy for your bird by hiding favourite pieces of dry food in the many openings and hidey holes in the different weaves of this toy.

The main body of the Large ‘Spiked’ Piñata measures roughly 30cm tall and 11cm wide. The total height of the toy is 50cm, including the tassel at the bottom and abaca rope loop at the top. Select a hanging link to come with this toy or use your own if you have spares. This toy comes in a range of sizes which can be seen together in the images.



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