July 2018

Kirsty (owner) and Kelly (helpful friend) at the AEA booth

2018 Gold Coast Pet Expo – All Wrapped Up

Wow, another Pet Expo done and what a weekend it was! It was great to be able to display all of our huge range of toys, treats and puzzles for birds, cats and dogs this year with a big, double booth. It was also fantastic to be able to meet so many of YOU, my lovely customers and your pets. Myself (Kirsty) and a few of my helpers (Sean, Kelly, Amanda, Renae, Laura and Donna) were there throughout the weekend. [...]

Only 2 days to go until expo!

Wow, in just a few more days, we’ll be waiting for you to all come through the open doors at the RSPCA’s Gold Coast Pet Expo! We have a big, double booth to fit all of the wonderful toys and goodies we have to show you so be sure to come along and visit!   The  expo is on 14th and 15th of July from 9am to 4pm both days at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre. The forecast is [...]

June 2018

Wow – 3,000 Facebook Likes!

A huge thank you to all of my wonderful customers/followers/friends for all of your support over the past 6 years. I never knew the business would grow to supply such a range of enrichment toys for all species, when I started making natural bird toys in 2012. I couldn’t have done it without your support. I can’t wait to see where the coming years take us! If you haven’t already ‘liked’ the page, make sure you do so here! (And [...]

May 2018

2018 Gold Coast Pet Expo

Wohoo, less than 2 months to go until RSPCA’s Gold Coast Pet Expo! We are excited to announce that we’ll be there again this year, but this time with a double booth. Our massive and ever-growing range of enrichment products will all be available at this year’s expo, on the 14th and 15th of July. The expo will be held in the same location, Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in Broadbeach.

March 2018

Product Reviews Page

You can now see all recent product reviews in one convenient place! Visit this new page to see all reviews (or at least the last 50)  in chronological order. You can still see a preview of a handful of reviews at the footer of each page and beside the news posts on the news page.

Bionic Dog Toys are ‘Product of the Week’ – Second Last Week!

This week is one for the pooches! Buy any of the Bionic range of super-tough dog toys to receive free postage on your whole order, as well as a treat sample of Fit’n’Flash dried Chicken breast for your pet to try. Bionic toys are stronger than even the black ‘extreme’ Kongs and are a favourite of Staffy owners or those with other destructive dogs. Many of the designs also have places to put wet food or treats to make some [...]

February 2018

Foraging Spheres for Parrots, Rabbits, Ferrets and More!

Ready for not just one product of the week, but FOUR?!?All polycarbonate foraging balls are part of the deal this week and are suitable for all sizes of parrots and exotics, like Rabbits and Ferrets. Buy either: Hanging Sphere, Buffet Ball (loose), Buffet Ball Cage Mounted or the larger Party Ball foraging toys to get a free natural hanging bird toy for free with your order. If you’re buying for your Rabbit, Ferret or other pet, please let me know [...]

New Bird Toys and Product of the Week

Well it’s a new week and we’ve picked a bird toy as our new ‘product of the week’. The Bottom’s Up has long been a favourite foraging toy of my flock and has been very popular since the early days of the business. Order between 7th and 14th of Feb to receive this toy with free postage and a free foraging foot toy, which can be used in the Bottom’s Up and in other toys. We’ve also listed some New Products in the [...]

January 2018

Product of the Week – Second Month

The ‘product of the week’ promotion is still going strong as is now into its second month. This week (Weds 31st Jan to 7th Feb) it’s the Buster Food Cube in the spotlight. The website has also changed a little so that the current product of the week can be showcased in the shop page as a bar on the left of the other products. The bonus for each week changes, depending on the product. You can check the [...]

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