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Easy Perch Holder Twin Pack Small

$21.90 (inc GST)

Want to provide your parrot with barky perches that span the width of their cage, but find it difficult to attach them? The Easy Perch Holder will help! This new perch holder design is made from top quality materials – grade 316 stainless steel and tough polycarbonate (the same as many foraging toy designs).

Simply attach the 2 perch holders in your birds cage on opposite walls, measure the distance between and cut their new branch to suit. After cleaning and drying your birds perch, it’s ready to slot into the perch holder – easy and no fuss! The deep holder ensures the perch stays securely in, making it safe for your bird and avoiding the frights that can occur when perches aren’t attached well and fall down or move. This product suits aviary mesh as well as horizontal and vertical cage bars (under 3.5cm bar spacing).

The Easy Perch Holder comes as a pair and is available in 2 sizes. This is the small size.

  • Small: Holds up to a 38mm diameter perch.
  • Large: Holds up to a 65mm diameter perch.

Most birds spend their whole lives on their feet, as they don’t lay down to rest like we do (except for the odd Caique, Lorikeet or Conure who may lay on their back!). Fresh perches with bark and texture are so important for parrots and this product makes it easy to provide them. Why not cut and prepare a few branches, ready to replace as your bird delights in chewing on the natural bark? This provides great enrichment and is beneficial for the health of your birds’ beak, nails and feet. Please avoid dowel perches and branches that are smooth/without bark, as these can contribute to pressure sores on your birds’ feet.

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