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LickiMat Buddy

$12.50 (inc GST)

The popular and well-known LickiMat is an ideal calming slow feed item for wet foods and treat paste. Your pooch will love licking at the delicious snacks you put on their LickiMat. The textured pattern on the mat helps to hold small pieces of food and flavoured juices, meaning your pet has to lick for longer and in multiple directions to get all the goodness out! Licking releases calming endorphins for dogs and slowing down their eating helps the treat last longer and also helps with digestion. You can even fill and freeze the LickiMat for a cool summer treat that will last longer again!

The LickiMat Buddy is best suited to thick, sticky treats like Doggy Peanut Butter, soggy biscuits or mashed sweet potato. See the other LickiMat designs for different treat types and fun designs.

  • Makes treats and food last longer and prevents overfeeding
  • Helps clean dog’s tongue by removing food particles and bacteria
  • Freshens breath over time with regular use and improves overall oral and dental health
  • Keeps your pet entertained and helps them relax
  • Can be used as a slow-feeding treat or food mat to help prolong meal and treat times – prevents indigestion and choking
  • Great to use as a medical-free way to help calm and soothe pets
  • Made from non-toxic and food-grade TPR and PET materials
  • Safe for dishwasher use and can be placed in freezer for frozen treats

The LickiMat Buddy measures 20 x 20cm and comes in 4 colours.



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