Native T Stand

Normal T Stand for Conure
Normal Stand with ruler
Large Ironbark T Stand for Nina Macaw
T Stand top
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Patrick’s custom T Stand
Nibbles on T Stand
Eagle Tiel on Paperbark T Stand
Sneaky and Sparrow on Large T Stands with Jellyfish
Loki Tiel with soft Eucalypt T Stand
T stand with Paperbark

Native T Stand

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A new batch of hardwood bases are being prepared, these may not be ready until late May, due to the many hours of preparation work each stand requires.

This beautiful native timber stand will look lovely sitting in pride of place in your home. High quality and as safe as can be, the T-Stand provides the perfect perching location for your Parrot’s training, toileting and perching, while being the center of attention. Because the stand is easily portable, you can bring your bird with you around the home. Each one is made to order with a 1-2 week wait during normal periods.

The base of the T Stand is quite heavy (1.5-2kg), making it safe for flight training, as your bird can take off from and land on it, without concern of it moving. All hardware is concealed, there are no exposed bolt holes/openings in the branch or base, meaning food crumbs won’t gather in those locations (unlike other, cheaper designs). Each of the 3 parts of the stand unscrew, so they will be sent flat-packed, it also means that the branches can be replaced as they become chewed or worn.

The handmade T-stand is created carefully, with attention to detail and locally sourced, native timber. The base is made with untreated native hardwood (Ironbark or Karri), sealed with a natural sealant to make cleaning easier when it becomes soiled by your bird. The barky branches have been cleaned and sun dried before use and all metal parts are stainless steel. Each T stand is hand made with native Australian timber and branches, therefore every one is unique. Sometimes the top perch won’t be perfectly horizontal and may sit diagonally/upwards. You can request soft Paperbark branches or tougher Eucalypt branches if you have a preference (record any requests in order notes at checkout, if no preference is noted, branches will be selected for you). The timber base should last a life time, with the right care. I have made my own natural sealant that is safe around birds, this protects the timber from urate staining from your birds’ droppings. It is recommended to wipe the base clean with a damp cloth.

Each base measures roughly 20 x 24cm and 3.5cm thick. The perch height and width is made to suit the stand. An eyelet screw can be added for a toy, if desired. Choose from the options below.

You will receive a complete stand, with base, upright and top perch. The top perch and vertical branch are both replaceable, as each part unscrews. Replacement top perches, with stainless steel insert are available at a cost of $12 each, while the vertical branch with stainless steel bolts in each end can be replaced for $13 each. These items will be listed separately. Stainless steel eyelet screws are available to be added to the end of the top perch for $2 and you can choose a toy to hang from this, if you wish. You can see examples of this in the photos.

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2 reviews for Native T Stand

  1. 5 out of 5

    Kaz Adams (verified owner)

    Because Patrick’s tail is so long I asked Kirsty if she would be interested in custom making a t-stand for him for training and I’m so glad she has decided to include them online for everyone. I can now have him safely on the kitchen ledge or take him anywhere in the house and train him anywhere. The ironbark base is heavy and stable for flight training, is easy to clean and the natural t-stand is great for climbing up and down and having a chew. Nothing online or in the shops was suitable for Patrick or of the quality of Kirsty’s stands. They look beautiful, are sturdy and safe.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Ann-marie Woolston (verified owner)

    My 2 green cheek conures adore their T perch, they love to climb, hang upside down and chew on the bark. Its a great place to sit them when training or they are just wanting to chill or preen each other. Its Sturdy, natural and 100% better than I could buy elsewhere. Thank you I will be ordering again!

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Patrick the Alexandrine, showing off his custom T-Stand, which had some special additions.

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