Sundeck Platforms

Sundeck Platforms

These popular platforms are being snaffled up faster than I can get them in! They’ve just arrived back into stock and are nearly sold out. Don’t worry, I’m working on getting larger quantities of these in the near future. For now, you can order one of the last ones. Once they run out, you can place yours ‘on backorder’ to claim one from the next American shipment (expected late January). Your order will be sent once they arrive back in stock.

Platforms in your birds’ cage offers them more perching options, a place to rest and play with foot toys. Popular with disabled or less mobile birds or those with health issues, but equally useful for crazy, active Caiques and Lorikeets who roll around on their back with a foot toy in their feet.

I offer the option to attach seagrass mat covers to the shelves and also have replacement covers available in the store, handy if your bird does like to chew on them. Sundecks are great for all breeds of bird, but you may want to consider a bolt on Corner Shelf for particularly large parrots (Macaws, Large Cockatoos etc) as they are larger and bolt on, instead of hooking over the cage bars. All of these options can be found HERE.

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