Budgie Balsa Blocks

Budgie Blocks
Budgie Blocks 2

Budgie Balsa Blocks

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This tiny, Budgie-friendly toy is hand made by me! The Budgie Balsa Blocks is perfect for tiny parrots as it is soft to chew as well as un-intimidating in its’ small size. The wire is stainless steel, so it is as safe as can be for your bird. This toy is made for your Budgie or Lovebird, though is safe for slightly larger parrots too. For the larger cousin of this toy, see the Balsa Heaven, perfect for Cockatiels and Conures.

This toy measures roughly 8.5cm tall, 2.5cm wide and 1cm deep. There is a loop made in the wire, to hang this toy from your choice of hanging link. If you don’t have spares, you can purchase a hanging link from the drop down menu provided.



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