Unique Forked Bolt on Natural Branch Perch

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Unique Forked Bolt on Natural Branch Perch

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These specially listed perches are separate from the rest, due to their unique shape and forked arms. Each individual perch is listed with a picture of the actual item and limited numbers are available. Generally options 1-5 are a thin Paperbark, 6-10 are a thin Eucalypt or similar, 11-15 are medium to thick Paperbark and 16-20 are medium to thick Eucalypt or similar.

Bolt on perches are a great addition to your birds’ cage. They are easy to attach to the inside or outside of the cage and can also be used in aviaries. Each natural branch has been hand selected by me from safe, native trees and cleaned in bird-safe veterinary disinfectant (F10 SC). All bolt on perches have bark on them, so they’re great for your parrot to chew as well as being good for their feet and beak. There is a mix of Paperbark, Bottle Brush, Wattle, Eucalypt and other native branches.

The branch of most of these perches measure roughly 30cm long, though some may be far longer or even a little shorter. Each perch is pictured with a 30cm (purple) ruler for size reference. If you’d like specific measurements for a perch, please contact me. Bolt on perches come with a wingnut and 2 washers that are all stainless steel for maximum safety for your bird. The standard washers are 32mm in diameter, so suit most cage bars. Larger washers are available for cages with bar spacing of 2cm or more, to attach the perches with ease. Please select from the options to change the washer.

The bolt coming out of the perch is 6mm in diameter and suitable for all cage and aviary bars. The length of the bolt can vary between the perches – I have 3 sizes and choose them to suit the perch. Unless otherwise stated, the perch will have a ‘medium’ bolt, which has about 2cm sticking out of the perch for you to attach to cage bars. The thinnest ones have a small bolt with just under 1cm coming of bolt out of the perch so are only suitable for thin cage bars. There is more than 1cm of bolt into the timber of the perch, but a bit less than the other bolts – I do this to avoid splitting the thinner branches. Lastly, there is the large bolt which has about 4cm of bolt out of the perch, these are used for the very large, heavy branches and have some extra cost.

For other (more standard) perches options please see HERE


2 reviews for Unique Forked Bolt on Natural Branch Perch

  1. 5 out of 5

    Amanda (verified owner)

    This piece is stunning. Photos don’t do it justice. The bark is so soft which will provide lots of fun for my bird. It is unique and simply amazing. It has been put together with quality workmanship to ensure it stays put in the cage. I can’t keep Huey off it. Hand selected by Kirsty and what a top choice she made!!!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Linda Eales (verified owner)

    These are great, my Quaker just loves spending time chewing the bark off.

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