Christmas Shipping

Christmas Shipping

It’s nearly the middle of November and Christmas is looming closer! All of the shipping companies are working hard to minimise the delays and for the most part, they’re doing very well! High demand and some restrictions caused by Covid 19, mean that parcels may be subject to delays with all carriers, including express services.

Orders that contain items that are already made are generally sent same or next business day and I am processing orders very quickly. Any orders that contain items that I need to make, will be sent once the items are complete. All handmade toys are made in a fair order and depend on availability of parts, which I am constantly gathering and cleaning (but also constantly using).
You are always welcome to contact me to check wait times on an item and many items are pre-made and ready to send.

While I will be making toys and sending orders right up until Christmas Eve, it is best to order during November if you are in either a rural area or South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory or even Victoria, to avoid disappointment.

While ‘made in a fair order’ normally means chronological order, sometimes a Gumnuts Galore ordered 3 days after a Pinecone Paradise, may be sent earlier if I have plenty of Gumnuts but few Pinecones available at the time. Pinecones take time to clean and quite a few days to dry. Likewise an order of 1 small natural toy may be made and sent before an order containing a lot of natural toys, which I may not have the right prepared parts ready to work with right away.

In the case of Snuffle Mats, a custom Snuffle mat can be made very quickly if I have enough of the right colours already cut and washed, but if I happen to be low on a colour and need to cut, wash and dry more before making the mat, it can take longer. If I’ve got no other Snuffle Mats on order, I can sometimes make a mat overnight and send it the next day. Other times, I can have multiple already on order and there be a 2 week wait while I make them all. Check for whether your preferred colour is showing ‘in stock’ or ‘on backorder’ as in stock items are made, ready to send.

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