Upcoming Short Break

Upcoming Short Break

22nd April update – We are now on the way back from our holiday for a few quieter days at home before diving back into ‘work’. Tuesday 25th April is ANZAC Day public holiday and Monday 24th April is our actual wedding anniversary.

I plan to make most/all existing orders (placed during my break the past week) tomorrow (Sunday 23rd April) and then have a quiet few days at home with my husband before getting back to it properly on Wednesday 26th April after the public holiday. Therefore, I have updated the store notice to say ‘new orders sent from 26th April’ to stay current 🙂 Thank you for your understanding, patience and support.

It’s nearly been a whole year since my wedding! We are going away for a few days to celebrate our anniversary. As a small business (run by me, myself and I), no orders will be processed during the time that I’m away.
Please submit your order by 10am on Friday 14th April to allow me enough time to make and send your order before I leave at the start of the next week. We’ll be away until Saturday 22nd April, with business returning to normal from Monday 24th April.

While orders can be placed anytime between 14th and 22nd April, they won’t be sent until our return. The availability of natural toys may be limited prior to me going away, to avoid disappointment in the event of me not being able to make large numbers of natural toys in the final day or two.

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