Out of Stock Products

Out of Stock Products

Updated 12.10.2020. To keep you up to date on current out of stock products and the arrival of new stock, I have put together this post with details. Some items have been discontinued, but are still listed for other reasons, while others are out of stock with the supplier and some are on their way!
Natural bird toys are all hand made by me, with parts that are hand gathered, drilled and washed also by me. These can be very time consuming to make and some of the larger/more time consuming toys have been made unavailable in the lead up to my holiday away. Large hanging toys have been made available again 12th October. Ladders still unavailable for now.

On the way (due 12th or 13th October)

  • Nina Ottosson Dog Smart
  • Nina Ottosson Dog Casino

Late October ETA

  • Small Hide a Treat bird toy. These are in stock with my supplier, in America and will be sent with the order due late October.
  • Rattle Wheel. These are in stock with my supplier, in America and will be sent with the order due late October.
  • Chase ‘n’ Chomp Foraging Ring
  • Planet Pleasures Medium Diamond Bouncer
  • Foraging Basket
  • Rattler Ring Foot Toy (other colours)
  • Planet Pleasures Rainbow Zig Zag Shredders
  • Multi-Crunch
  • Small Food Pyramid – awaiting colouring to arrive to the Australian creator. ETA of completed product is currently late October.

Longer ETA

  • Sparkle Trees – these sadly didn’t arrive with the supplier in their last 2 orders. The manufacturer also makes human face masks, so hasn’t been making as many bird toys 🙁 My supplier knows these are a priority for me and are working to make them available again! I’m hoping to have some before Christmas.
  • Yucca Delight – supplied from America, where there is significant shortage. New supply may not be available until 2021.
  • Sola Stems – out of stock with my toy parts supplier and I am holding off ordering from them until the Sola is in. Hoping early November arrival to me.
  • 20cm Birdy Bagel Rings – due to above, Sola Stems, I am not ordering until Sola is available. Hoping early November arrival to me.
  • Chunky Round Bead – as above
  • Twister Kabob – as above
  • Triangle Foraging Tower and Triangle pieces – as above, awaiting Sola in stock before ordering.
  • Cat Kong Wobbler.


  • Busy Buddy Twist n Treat (all sizes). Only Large left in stock. Small and Medium have sold out, but are still listed for comparison while Large is available.
  • Sitting Pretty
  • Straw Beads (toy part). The supply of these have changed. While I have the new items in stock, they don’t look as nice as the listed item. I need to update the photos and description to match the new product.
  • Small Timber Grapes – the last supply came with cotton rope threading (unsafe) and I have chosen not to stock these. Future batches *may* contain plastic cord as previous.
  • Vine Ball Christmas Tree – oh no!! Such a popular birdy Christmas toy, this item doesn’t appear to be available with either of my Super Bird suppliers that stocked it last year.
  • Medium and Large Food Pyramids may not be made again by the creator. Only Small Pyramids are being made and I also make the Triangle Foraging Tower.
  • Giant Foraging Wheel. I have chosen to stop stocking this item *for now*. It is significantly more expensive than the slightly smaller version and a very slow seller. My suppliers have also started to not get this toy in. Upon request, I may still be able to source this.

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