Medium Shower Perch1

Mylo on Med Shower Perch (2)
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Mylo on Med Shower Perch (1)
Med and Lrg Shower Perch

Medium Shower Perch1

$35.00 (inc GST)

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This shower perch is ideal for taking your medium parrot into the shower or as a perch against the mirror or a window with a view. It holds securely to glass or tile surfaces with 3 suction cups. While it can fold away when not in use, it is not as smooth and easy to turn as the smaller perch by a different brand. It comes in white/blue as pictured, the blue section is covered in grippy sand so it doesn’t get slippery once wet.

The perch measures 17cm tall (height of the vertical pipe along the wall), 22cm wide (width of horizontal pipe along the wall). The sand covered part is 25cm long and whole perch sticks out 28cm from the wall. Great size for medium birds, like Mini Macaws, Alexandrines, Corellas and Galahs. A wonderful customer of mine sent me the featured pictures of Mylo the Alexandrine using his Medium Shower Perch – he loves it!

Suitable for glass and smooth tiles but won’t hold on textured tiles, gaps with grout or on standard plasterboard/painted walls. Please wet the suction cups slightly before use or they will not hold properly! When I first received these perches I tested a few of them and was concerned that the suction cups weren’t holding well and would fall off. I discovered that after I wet them, they held on VERY well, including having my 360 Corella excitedly dancing on the perch (which has now been in place on the wall for weeks without coming off). I will ensure to test EVERY perch before sending it, to check that the suction cups are ok.

This perch is also available in a larger size, plus I have a different design by another brand in a smaller size. Apart from perch length, the main difference between the designs are as follows:

Small – swivels smoothly and easily without modification. All 3 suction cups stay fixed to the wall. New design by Superbird means that the 3 ends (the ones by the wall) are open and not capped, water can get inside the perch and would require cleaning/emptying. The tip of the perch has a cover, with a toy hanging loop on it. The sandpaper grip is a stuck on cover, that is suitable for normal use, but not for birds who like to purposely chew up their perch.

Medium and Large – perch can be turned against the wall, but less easily. The nickel plated eyelet screw (bird safe, but able to rust) is designed to hold the perch in position and needs to be unscrewed to turn the perch.  It is stiffer to turn the perch, but possible. Only the top 2 suction cups remain against the wall as the lower suction cup needs to un-suction from the wall for the perch to be turned. All ends are sealed from water getting in. There is no toy hanging link on the end. The grip is sand blasted on and a sealed cover over the whole perch, so will withstand much more chewing.


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