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Pine-Vine Sandwich Foot Toy

$4.90 (inc GST)

The Pine-Vine Sandwich is a chonky, chewable foot toy made for large parrots. With a nice combination of timber and vine to splinter into crumbs, your Galah, Cockatoo, Amazon, Macaw, Eclectus etc will love chewing this toy to bits!

With a seagrass rope base, this toy is safe as can be and 100% destructible. They come in a range of colours, which are chosen at random. Feel free to write your colour preference in your order notes and I’ll do my best to match this. The body of the Pine-Vine Sandwhich toy measures 5-8cm in diameter and the total length is 15-20cm, with the rope sticking out each end. This can be pegged to the cage bars for smaller parrots.

Be sure to see the video below of this toy in use.


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