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Medium Square Tower by Planet Pleasures

$20.90 (inc GST)

THE perfect combination of chewing and foraging in a compact and affordable toy! The Square Tower is one of our absolute favourites in the Planet Pleasures range of natural, palm leaf toys. The stacks of colourful woven palm leaf allows for dry treats to be stuffed in-between on all 4 sides, enticing your parrot to climb, chew and play to find their snacks. When they’re done eating, they will nibble at the layers of crunchy material and preen the natural tassel that hangs below the toy.

The toy measures roughly 31cm long in total, this includes the abaca rope loop and natural tassel. The body of the toy measures 16 x 4cm. It does not include a hanging link (which can be chosen from the drop down menu if you don’t already have spares).



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