Christmas Holidays

Christmas Holidays

4th January Morning Update: Well, I’m back! While I did a fair bit of ‘work’ over the holiday, I had a nice break and am back into the full swing of things from this morning. I have quite a few orders to work on over the coming week, including many naturals that were ordered over the holiday. Any orders of items that are in stock/pre-made are being sent first, then natural orders from near Christmas, before I work on new years orders of naturals, bolt on perches etc. While I’ve already had a flood of new orders this morning and appreciate them, any of those containing natural bird toys or items that need to be made, will be completed after the orders that have been waiting over the holiday. New orders that only have pre-made/ready-to-send items will be sent quickly, though not necessarily immediately, as I prioritise the backlog from the holiday.

Thank you for understanding.

Midday 31st December update: Our holidays are nearly over. There is now just a long weekend to go, so I have removed many of the notices around the store about the break. I will be back to work at normal capacity from this Monday, the 4th of January. Please be aware that I have a number of orders containing natural bird toys and bolt on perches to work on. These will be made in a fair order, so there may still be a wait of around 1 week for new orders of natural toys and perches. I am up to date on custom Snuffle Mat orders and also have quite a few designs already in stock.

2020 has been a crazy year for everyone and I really appreciate your support through the ups and downs of the last 12 months.
After a very busy year, I am planning to take a short break between Christmas and New Years. I won’t be going away and am a self-confessed workaholic, so I expect I’ll spend some time during this period packing and sending some orders. These will be the orders, that don’t require much to be made, though may include some small orders of dry natural bird toys. They will be the orders that can be collected by courier, but not any Australia Post parcels, as I don’t plan on making a post office trip during my ‘break’.

If you’d like to order pre-made and in stock toys during this time, I can likely get them on the way to you between the 29th and 31st of December, though please be aware that my normal speedy processing times may be reduced. The orders that I end up sending, will only be the simple ones, for courier collection.
Any orders that require Australia Post delivery or fresh natural bird toys, bolt on perches, custom or backordered Snuffle Mats, will be processed from the 4th of January. I may have a backlog of such items at that time, which could take a week or 2 to catch up on. I will make these in a fair order (for example: orders placed on the 26th of December will be processed before those made on the 3rd of January). Your patience and understanding will be appreciated.

Orders that *may* be sent between 25th December and 4th January

  • Order placed prior to midday on Wednesday 30th December.
  • Contain only in stock and pre-made items.
  • May contain small amounts of natural bird toys, where the ‘dry’ option has been selected.
  • Snuffle Mats that show a stock quantity in stock.
  • ‘Courier Flat Rate’ postage method selected AND courier provides reasonable option (occasionally zones change with couriers and edge/rural areas become not-serviced by courier, so I am forced to send with Australia Post). This is uncommon, but does happen.

Orders that will be sent after 4th January

  • Orders placed after midday on Wednesday 30th December.
  • Contains any green/fresh natural bird toys (where ‘green/fresh’ option has been selected). OR contains a quantity of ‘dry’ natural toys that exceeds my available prepared natural parts.
  • Any packs of fresh Gumnuts.
  • Contains any bolt on perches (I have none of these pre-made currently).
  • Snuffle Mats that have been ordered ‘on backorder’, which includes out of stock designs and custom requests.
  • Requiring Australia Post delivery. This includes express options, parcels to PO Boxes, Parcel Lockers or rural locations, where couriers don’t offer reasonable prices.

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