Paws at the Park – Outdoor Doggy Event

Paws at the Park – Outdoor Doggy Event

Animal Enrichment Australia was delighted to attend this years’ Paws at the Park event. Another early morning drive to the Gold Coast, that was well worth it, to see so many wagging tails, some familiar and new faces. It was especially lovely to hear from some new customers that purchased items at the recent Pet Expo event and came back with lots of great things to say. A pair of American Staffys that were loving their tough, Bionic toys and were back for some more variety and some other dogs that came back for more foraging toys.

My own pets loaned me some of their favourite foraging toys, to let the visiting dogs have a turn. The small Kong Gyro got picked up and taken away by larger dogs more times than I could count and it was really cool to see some little pups using the big dog toys, even though there were some small ones available.

As the weather warms up, I hope to be at more of these great outdoor events.

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