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Double Bamboo Basket

$18.90 (inc GST)

What a shred-tastic toy! The Double Bamboo Basket features all natural, chewable materials that your bird will love. Woven bamboo baskets, coconut fibre and strips of raffia cord all threaded onto bird-safe sisal rope. You can lift the basket and tuck dried treats amongst the natural fill in each for your bird to forage for. This replicates a natural behaviour and provides great enrichment.

This toy measures roughly 30cm tall and 10cm in diameter. In a slight difference to the normal, it comes with a little hanger made from light timber that simply hooks over the cage bars. If you’d like to upgrade to a closeable metal hanging link, please choose from the items below and add the extra product to your cart (only an extra $1.20 – $2.50).

    • Nickel Plated Pear Clips are the standard hanging link that comes with most toys and are safe for most birds.
    • Stainless Steel Pear Clips are the same size and design, but are made from stainless steel, so will last longer and won’t rust from outdoor use or regular washing.
    • Stainless Steel Quick Links are larger than pear clips and feature a sturdier clasp. Suitable for large parrots and can be tightened with pliers, for birds that like to unscrew links.

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