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A chunky, new timber toy with lots of great things for your parrot to chew. This well-made toy has all natural, untreated pine pieces in lots of groovy and bulky shapes, giving your destructo-bird lots to turn to splinters. There’s also some satisfying corrugated cardboard rolls and thick paper rope to tempt them.

The Chew-Rific is a large toy and measures roughly 30cm tall by 19cm wide and deep. It does not come with a hanging link – you can choose your preferred style from the drop down menu below or select ‘none’ if you have spares. This toy is safe for all parrot species, though best suited to medium birds like Alexandrines and Hahn’s Macaws, up to Galahs and African Greys. For a slightly smaller toy that is similar, check out the Wafer Shredder, which has a higher portion of thin wood pieces to suit smaller beaks.

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