Food Tumbler

Food Tumbler – easy resized
Food Tumbler resized
Food Tumbler – easy resized
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Food Tumbler

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This is one of Caitecs’ newer foraging designs and it can be done by nearly every type of bird. Fill it with your parrots’ favourite treats and their normal diet, then watch them spin the toy to work for their food.

Your bird will need to spin the whole toy so that food falls into the shaft which has an opening for treat retrieval at the bottom. Your bird can grip and spin the toy from the opening in the shaft or along the wavy edges of the toy. The shaft is adjustable to increase the difficulty and on the hardest setting, it really takes a lot of work to get the food into the shaft. The photos show the toy in each difficulty setting which is secured by locking the shaft in place.

This toy is made from tough, clear polycarbonate and will hold up against even the tougher beaks. It measures 16-19cm long (depending on how you have the shaft adjusted), 13cm wide and will sit 8cm deep from the cage bars. The treat retrieval opening is 13 x 36mm. The toy attaches by screwing onto the side of the cage with the polycarbonate attachment, common among this brand of toy.

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3 reviews for Food Tumbler

  1. 5 out of 5

    Amba (verified owner)

    Good foraging toy that puts your birds mind to work. My galah is still getting the hang of how to use it properly but he has a great time twisting it around and dropping treats into the tube. I like how the tube has the ability to change levels of difficulty once the bird has mastered the current difficulty.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Kaz Adams (verified owner)

    The tumbler is great. It’s the first real foraging toy for my alex and he just loves it and has mastered it already. Once I mastered how to open it and lift it off the cage it was so simple to fill. I love watching him spin it round.

  3. 4 out of 5

    RollsSR (verified owner)

    My Quaker took a little while to master this as it’s a little heavy for her, but now she can happily spin it around and get treats from it. I found it easier to fill if you remove the entire shaft (twist and pull, like how you adjust the difficulty).

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