Large Acrylic Maze

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This is a sturdy versatile foraging toy that is great for the most breeds of birds. Fill it with your bird’s favourite treats, and their normal diet.


Your bird will need to spin the maze by holding onto the opening and moving it around. The wheel spins freely and your bird can watch their food move from shelf to shelf until it reaches the opening. By adding bird safe foraging substrate, you can increase the difficulty of this maze once your bird is experienced at it. You can also use Mini Feather Weights as foraging foot toys inside the maze.


The maze itself is a sealed piece of acrylic and cannot be opened, it is tough and will stand up to the big beaks! The Large Maze measures 15cm in diameter and 3cm thick, it screws onto the side of the cage with the nut and bolt set, as well as 2 washers which fits all cage/aviary bars. The small is available in my store also.

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Weight300 g
Dimensions150 x 150 x 50 mm


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